Slightware -  The Next Great Threat To Brands

"A thorough explanation of one of the most pressing problems in marketing: How to cope with the complexities of the digital world..."

Al Ries, Author of The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and War In The Boardroom


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Slightware The Next Great Threat To Brands
by Kenneth J Weiss

When the Internet hit the mainstream in the 1990s, companies shoveled non-functional brochures to the web. Brochureware was born. Now, the next great threat is enveloping enterprise IT and Web 2.0: user experiences built without an infusion of the brand. This is Slightware.

Slightware - The Next Great Threat to Brands is becoming the go-to online branding book for user experience professionals, internet marketers, web site developers, IT leaders and executives.

Kenneth J. Weiss uses insight from the trenches, sharp writing and infographics to outline the threat, analyze the causes and show how to put the brand into software and systems.



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